Yikes: Women Are Now Getting Bras Surgically Implanted Under Their Skin

Meghan Blalock

When it comes to plastic surgery, we thought we had pretty much seen it all—butt implants, foot re-shaping, and women who have had so much facial reconstruction that they end up looking like completely different people—but this just-announced procedure from the U.K. officially takes the cake. According to the Daily Mail, women are having bras implanted under their skin—a crazy setup of silk straps and silicone cups—all held in place with titanium screws driven into the rib cage.

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What?! According to breast surgeon Jian Farhadi, three women have successfully undergone the surgery, which serves to permanently lift the breasts in the same way a normal bra does, and aims to allow women to never have to wear a bra again. Check out the illustration of how it works:

bra surgery

Photo: Daily Mail

Is it just us, or is this absolutely terrifying? According to the Daily Mail article, this surgery aims to replace more standard breast enhancement surgeries, but we have to ask: how is this really any better than traditional silicone implants? As far as we can tell, there’s still silicone being inserted into patients’ chest, just with the added scare-factor of screws.

For us, this procedure seems way to scary to undergo. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts! Would you ever get this surgery?

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