Boy-Friendly Beauty: 10 Tailgaiting Looks He’ll Love

Augusta Falletta

Besides pumpkin flavored everything and a wardrobe that’s entirely earth toned, fall brings us one of our favorite things all year: football. Maybe you only watch football for your boyfriend’s sake or maybe you’ve grown up tossing around the pigskin, but either way you’re most likely watching at least a few games this season. If you’re heading to the game to tailgate or watching from your flatscreen, you obviously need to figure out your football beauty look.

Due to men not understanding and/or caring about most of the beauty trends that come about (if anyone knows a man who prefers his ladies with bejeweled eyebrows, please let us know), it’s best to stick with classic choices on days when you know you’ll be surrounded by people who care about the men on the field, not how great your ombre looks in the stands. In the interest of keeping up to trend but classic all at once, we’ve put together some of the best boy-friendly beauty looks for tailgating the game this weekend.

Do you have a go to sports outing look? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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