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The bowl cut, which has been a popularhairstyle in decades past, seems to be enjoying a comeback of sorts as a bevy of hip, young celebs have been seen sporting the look around town. One glance at this retro round bob probably has you wondering what could possibly prompt chic young ladies likeAgyness Deyn,Estelle,Parker Posey, and Christina Ricci to don ashort hairstyle that gives off such a distinct whiff of 70s cheese.

We definitely never thought we’d be seeing a good chunk of Hollywood embrace the rounded bangs, but we’re even more shocked to say that we kind of like the look. It’s got a slightly sexy, a little bit brooding, definitely retro vibe that keeps our eyes entranced. Part of this reason, at least according to celebrity hairstylistSam Brocato, is that the cut practically begs you to stare at its wearer’s face. “Because of the shape of the cut, you just can’t help looking into someone’s eyes. It has a mystique that draws you in– it’s very 20s and vampy. It’s also a way of adding some edginess to your look without doing hard, strong lines,” he says.

Want to try the look at home? If you don’t have bangs, Brocato suggests purchasing a pair of clip-on bang extensions as they are a major portion of the hairstyle. The key to this look is in the layering and the roundness, so start off by taking the very top layer of hair and use a large round brush to roll the edges over, section by section. Brocato says you can also use an extra-large curling iron in the same fashion to create a stronger curve. After you curl it, run some styling cream through your hair, then blast it quickly with a blow dryer to soften the curl and create that big, super-round style.

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