6 Things to Consider Before Getting Botox

Aly Walansky
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Photo: Getty

It seems to happen overnight. Suddenly, there are crow’s feet and wrinkles where your skin had once been youthful and smooth. Such a sight can have you running to your dermatologist. You may think Botox is the answer, but here are some things to consider before taking the plunge.

1. You can go topical, instead.
Retin-A is known to be very effective in smoothing out wrinkles and renewing skin texture. Even better, Retin-A is affordable and easily obtained via your dermatologist.  Other options are products like SkinPro’s DNA Serum ($59.95, dnaserum.com), which is derived from the venom of the Temple Viper and is said to smooth and firm the skin under and around the eyes, reduce bags, brighten dark circles, and fill in wrinkles and crow’s feet.

2. You can disguise the wrinkles.
Consider changing up your hairstyle by adding a soft bang or fringe around the face. Generally, a style with more volume can soften features without fussing with any surgery or injections.

3. A good smile is a great alternative.
Many of us don’t realize we can take years off our age by improving our smile. “Your smile is one of the most important parts of your face. If your smile is attractive and healthy looking, it will take years off your appearance. If your smile reveals worn, discolored, chipped and missing teeth with red swollen and bleeding gums, you will look older than you should, and no amount of plastic surgery can change that,” says Dr. Jyoti P. Srivastava of New York’s EastSide Dental Medicine. A finishing touch for a beautiful, youthful smile is when selecting a great new lipstick shade, choose one that matches the color of your gums—this will make your teeth look whiter and will allow your smile to dazzle.

4. There could be negative side effects.
“Expect that you might get some bruising because the needle might hit a blood vessel,” says Dr. Janet Prystowsky, a New York board-certified dermatologist. So, don’t schedule the visit right before a big interview or party. Plan the injections a week prior to anything major to play it on the safe side. Dr. Prystowsky says to expect some muscle soreness in the treated area for several days after the first session—but this does not typically occur after subsequent injections. “About 75% of the result is evident by 48 hours after the injections; the full effect is seen at one week.  Wait until a week has gone by before requesting that more be put in if you have a heavy brow and the initial dose was too little,” says Dr. Prystowsky.

5. Research is necessary.
“Botox should only be considered once a patient has researched an experienced provider who will give natural looking results,” says  Dr. Robert Rey of the famed Dr. 90210 series and the upcoming NBC reality show, Dr. Beverly Hills. “Unnecessary complications can occur if the provider is inexperienced. Also, no one wants the frozen, plastic look. An experienced professional will erase wrinkles while still enabling the face to animate and appear natural. As with any medical procedure, there are possible risks. These risks are minimized with a professional,” says Dr. Rey.

6. Botox requires upkeep.
This is an investment you’ll have to be prepared to make again and again. The positive results of Botox are temporary. It will wear off in about three months.  If you are pleased with your results, book another appointment.

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