Botox May Be the Answer to Small Pores, Clear Skin

Augusta Falletta

botox clear skin

First it was wrinkles, then it was excessive sweat glands and now, Botox seems to be effective in shrinking oil producing pores on the face. According to a new study in the Journal of Dermatological Science, Botox is shown to be a valid way of shrinking oil glands, thus reducing the amount of oil on the face and subsequent acne.

In a double blind study of 20 participants, researchers found that Botox reduced sebum production by 30% in 4 weeks, plus it normalized some skin abnormalities occurring in patients. Participants’ pore size was also reduced by 18%. Those who had dry or normal skin saw little change, but overall, Botox reduced pore size and oil production in those with oily skin, leading to smooth, clear skin overall.

While we caution everyone to first consult a dermatologist before going ahead with a Botox procedure, these new studies are promising, but we’re not sure we want to inject ourselves with Botox to fight oily skin. What do you guys think?

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