Botox Mom Lost Custody Of Her 8-Year-Old Daughter


Last week, we told you about Kerry Campbell, a pageant mom who is looney enough to think it’s totally normal to inject her 8-year-old daughter, Britney, with Botox to prevent wrinkles. Campbell claims that in the dog-eat-dog kiddie pageant circuit, this cosmetic practice is commonplace, and plenty of mothers are trying the procedure to give their daughters a competitive edge. Oh, and she waxed Britney’s legs, too, which made her wail in pain.

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This morning, Good Morning America reported that Britney has been removed from her mother’s home, and that Kerry is under investigation by Child Protective Services. According to ABC News, the San Francisco Human Services Agency initiated an investigation on Friday after Campbell’s television interview, and Britney was subsequently removed from her home on the account that her mother’s actions were risky and potentially dangerous to her health.

Britney was taken away for her own protection, until it could be proven that Kerry was providing her with a safe and stable home. Any place where an unlicensed practitioner (Campbell is only a part-time aesthetician) is using Botox from a questionable source certainly doesn’t sound stable to me, but do you think that CPS has gone too far?

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Watch the news report below.