Boohoo Just Launched a Makeup Line and It Looks Damn Good

STYLECASTER | Boohoo's New Beauty Line
Photo: ImaxTree

Just weeks after ASOS announced the launch of its new makeup line, another U.K. fashion gem,, is getting in on the game, debuting a new cosmetics line. While Boohoo has always been a go-to for trendy clothes at great prices, it’s about to become a destination where you can get your makeup fix, too.

And like all of the great fast fashion empires of our time, the selection of products available in Boohoo’s makeup line is seemingly endless. It includes all your basics—contouring kits, primers, liquid lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow—you name it, they’ve got it, and we’re psyched about it.

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 The cherry on top of all this glorious new makeup is undoubtedly the price. If you’ve ever lusted after a set of makeup brushes that was, I don’t know, $90 out of your price range, then Boohoo is about to be your saving grace, offering professional-caliber cosmetic tools for only $32.

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In fact, none of the products that have been released so far cost more $35, with most of the line costing well under $20. That means plenty of cash left in your wallet to splurge on a new pair of combat boots or fall cape.

Looks like you won’t have to choose between a new pair of shoes and a new primer anytime soon.