Bond No. 9’s Stimulus Package


During the first two weeks of June, Bond No. 9 is giving away free eau de parfum refills– well, giving them away with any two other Bond No. 9 purchases. The best part, though, is that while most “buy something, get something else free” offers require the free item to be the least expensive; Bond No. 9 is breaking those rules. In fact, you can buy any two products and still get your free refill; which, in my book anyway, is a stellar deal.

For the best bargain, buy an $85 Solid Perfume and Scented Candle, and refill your fragrance for free (instead of the usual $135 or $195 for a new one). Not a Solid Perfume or Candle kinda-gal, not a problem… Any two purchases will qualify you for the free refill. Just bring your empty Bond bottle to any Bond No. 9 store or Saks counter the first two weeks in June, buy any other two products, and walk away sensually scented for summer.

This may be just the economic stimulus plan needed for penny-pinching perfume-princesses.

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