Bond No. 9’s New “Money-Oriented” Fragrance


Andy Warhol’s body of work lay not so much at the intersection of art and commerce but in an Aston Martin, parked on Commerce Boulevard. Mr. Warhol lived the postmodern vie de boheme, more in line with trust fund kids than actual impoverished artists, and he openly embraced money, both symbolically and tangibly.

Appropriate, then, that perfumer Bond No. 9’s newest fragrance in the Andy Warhol Collection, “Success is a Job in New York,” is inspired by the artist’s fascination with the green. The fragrance has spiced-citrus top notes, a rose-and-jasmine core, and an earthy, patchouli and vanilla dry-down. The signature star-shaped bottle is the typical Bond No. 9 display piece, featuring an image from Warhol’s 1981 Dollar Signs series.

Company reps say “just like money,” the fragrance “lures and intoxicates all who give it a sniff,” and is “genderless.” We’re confused; to us money smells like the Chuck E. Cheese ballpit. And we’re guessing “genderless” means unisex, but they’re way off on the androgynous cash bit. Our bills are obviously male; be they Washingtons, Hamiltons, or Benjamins.Whatever. At least the bottle is pretty.

“Success is a Job in New York” will be available at Bond No. 9 this fall.