Bond No. 9 Creates A Scent For Marriage Equality

Rachel Adler

Bond No. 9 is well-known for their New York scents, with names and fragrances for famous people and places around the city. With a scent for everything from Little Italy to 9/11, the company has commemorated almost everything in a fragrance.

Now, Bond No. 9 is creating a fragrance to celebrate New York’s support of same-sex marriage. The new scent, simply named I love New York for Marriage Equality, features a rainbow colored heart and the date 7.24.11, the day that the Marriage Equality Act became legal.

As for the scent, it’s made up of cinnamon, plum, ginger lily and rose and is unisex, perfect for anyone to use of course. The fragrance will be available beginning July 24 at Nordstroms and Saks for $105 for 50 ml. and $175 for 100 ml.