Expert Tricks For the Bold Eyebrows of Your Dreams

Aly Walansky
bold eyebrows


Right now, bold brows are the trendiest feature of the face. Consider ladies like Lily Collins and Sarah Hyland rocking full, natural brows and it’s easy to see that when it comes to your brows, the bolder, the better. Getting bold and beautiful eyebrows can be a process for some, though. Eyebrow pencils can lead to unnatural looks and color differentiation, while powder can be tricky to figure out. So if you don’t have the bold brows you crave, what can you do? We talked to the experts to get down to business.

Work With Your Assets:
When it comes to creating a better and bolder brow, it all comes down to making sure your brow is the proper length based on your face shape, says Los Angeles Makeup Artist, Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl. A great way to see if your brows are the best length for your face is to take a pencil and run it vertically along the side of your nose, so it hits the front of your lid. Your brow should kiss the edge of the pencil. If it doesn’t, take a soft powdery brow pencil and dust color forward. Then take your pencil and run it diagonally from the corner of your nostril to your temple. This will show you where the tail of your brow should end. Brows that fit your face shape frame your face and make all of your features stand out!

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Easy Does It
When tweezing or trimming eyebrows, always take a conservative approach. You can always take away more, but you can’t put it back, says celebrity brow expert and makeup artist, Ramy Gafni.

Fill Those Brows
When filling in brows, choose a product that is one or two shades lighter than your brow hair color, suggests Gafni. Whether using a pomade, a pen or a gel, apply the product where your eyebrow is or where you’d like it to be. Whatever formula you use, always take a moment to blend by brushing through your brows with a small spoolie brush. This removes excess product and blends what’s left behind so you end up with beautiful brows, not made-up looking ones!

Take Your Vitamins
To speed up eyebrow hair growth as much as possible, be sure to take a good multi-vitamin that includes biotin and zinc and try a serum formulated to enhance brow growth, says Gafni. The key to a serum’s effectiveness is consistent use. Apply every day (or night). Serum can coat the hair to give the brows a fuller appearance and will help boost growth. Serum will not grow hair where there was never any hair to begin with, but can work wonders if you’re recovering from a recent bad brow shaping or mishap.