Simple Ways to Play Up Your Eyes, As Spotted at the Critic’s Choice Awards

We love a bold lip, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and put the focus on the eyes. Many of the ladies at the Critic’s Choice Awards did just that. Check out our favorites below for weekend beauty inspiration. 

Margot Robbie

Photo: Getty Images

Margot Robbie kept the rest of her face bare, putting emphasis on the lashes. A nice trick: thicken lashes without falsies by lining the upper lash line with liquid eyeliner and a subtle cat eye. The emerald eyeliner on top finished out the look perfectly, brightening her blue eyes.

Sandra Bullock

Photo: Getty Images

Sandra Bullock created a smart combination of kohl pencil liner and brown shadow to build a subtle smoky eye that ends just before the lid crease. Anything bolder would have made her almond eyes appear smaller.

Lupita N'Yongo

Photo: Getty Images

Lupita N’Yongo played with gray cream shadow, lining it on the bottom lash line as well as on the lid and a few centimeters above the crease. The color worked perfectly with her complexion.

Kristen Bell

Photo: Getty Images

Kristen Bell‘s winged liner is bold—the line wraps around the entire eye. But she was smart, keeping it tame using a black eyeshadow opposed to a liquid liner or even a pencil.

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