Is A Thick Fringe Right For You?


Bold bangs are a big hit right now. Jessica Alba, Mena Suvari, Kim Kardashian, and Kerry Washington are just a few celebs who are sporting thick brow-skimming fringe. This bold hairstyle is definitely hot, but watch out–not everyone can wear it. So if you’re tempted to give yourself a big bang makeover, listen to this advice Daily Makeover’s Editorial Director, Rachel Hayes, scooped from Jay Small of the Caru salon in Hoboken, New Jersey.

    • Big bangs enhance your cheeks, so if you have a round face or wide cheekbones, this look may backfire and make your face look wider. On the flip side, thin and oval faces will benefit from this bang style.


    • Kinky hair caution: If you have curls, waves or cowlicks around your hairline, be forewarned that you will have to spend time each morning smoothing out your bangs. Unless you have naturally stick straight hair, this is not a wash’n’wear look.


    • Skip this look if you wear eyeglasses.


  • “Use a styling spray that boosts shine, creates texture, and helps bangs keep their shape without feeling stiff,” suggests Small. He uses Paul Mitchell Illuminating Shine Spray.


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