10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Body Wash

Michelle Grossman
woman washing


Let’s face it, bars of soap are old school – it’s all about the body wash these days. When picking one out, it’s often the scent that seals the deal, because who doesn’t want to smell like warm vanilla sugar or Japanese cherry blossom? However, there’s a lot more to body wash than it’s fresh fragrance, so below we’re filling you in on everything you need to know.

1. Body wash and washcloths go hand-in-hand: Using a washcloth will work best to get a good lather. Plus, it’ll help scrub away dead skin cells.

2. It’s great for moisturizing: Bar soap is infamous for drying out skin, whereas body wash is better at moisturizing because many contain lotions or oils.

3. But that doesn’t mean skip the moisturizer: While many body washes do contain moisturizers, most are not sufficient enough to prevent or treat dry skin on their own. If you suffer from dry skin, follow up with a moisturizing lotion within three minutes of leaving the bath or shower.

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4. Skip the lather: Avoiding a wash that lathers is a great tip if you’re worried about dry skin. When there’s no foam, more of your natural oils are left  behind, so your skin won’t be as quick to dry out.

5. Do not put it on your face: Body wash is meant for your body! It should not be applied to the face as it may cause drying or clog pores.

6. Body wash is a girl’s best friend: Women’s skin is typically more sensitive than men’s, so they can benefit most from moisturizing body washes.

7. A little goes a long way: Squeezing out too much body wash is a common occurrence, so be careful when you do so. Less is more, as too much product can leave you feeling sticky or greasy if you don’t wash it off properly.

8. Water temperature matters: When you do rinse it off, it’s best to do so with warm water. Then, follow with a blast of cold water to close your pores.

9. It’s more hygienic than bar soap: Bar soap is often shared between people, and left laying in showers collecting bacteria. So for the germaphobes out there, body wash is your best bet.

10. But it doesn’t get you cleaner: Although body wash stays cleaner than bar soap, it won’t actually get you cleaner.