The 5 Best Body Lotions for People Who Hate Body Lotion

Rachel Krause

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One of the most critical mistakes we make in taking care of our skin is failing to acknowledge anything below the neck. Of course it’s important to keep your mug moisturized, but the rest of your body can get dry, too, especially when the weather cools down and skin’s moisture levels go haywire.

With that said, a lot of people have an aversion to using body lotions … and we totally get it. Really, we do. If you’ve ever had to wriggle into your jeans because the moisturizer you applied to your legs post-shower was just too damn sticky, we feel your pain. But there is another way! Rather than skip lotion entirely and risk that dry, tight feeling all winter long, give these lightweight, nonsticky body lotions a go.

laura-mercier[1]Based on the rich texture of this thick cream, we were all but convinced that we’d have to wait about an hour before we could even think about putting our clothes on. But the luxurious feel is deceptive—Laura Mercier Tarte au Citron Souffle Body Crème sinks right into the skin so that you feel silky, not sticky or greasy. One of its main ingredients is glycerin, which has a super-hydrating, moisture-trapping effect that’s somehow weightless on skin. Plus, the sweet lemony fragrance is sinfully good, so there’s that.

skin-trip-coconut[1]We’ll probably never swear by another body lotion as loyally as we swear by Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer the longtime cult favorite that smells like real coconuts, not some bastardized chemical idea of them. It has a really light, smooth finish on skin that feels like you’re not wearing any lotion at all. That’s thanks to a blend of active ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and distilled lanolin. This moisturizer is so unassuming, we’re willing to wear it in the summer, when even the lightest formula runs the risk of turning into an oil slick. Not this one.

moroccan-oil-body-butter[1]Don’t freak out: Just because Moroccanoil Body Butter has butter in the name doesn’t mean it feels oily or slick. In fact, it has a thick, concentrated texture that pretty much eliminates that entire concern, as it really softens the skin rather than just lingering on the surface. It’s got all the good stuff, like argan oil, shea butter, olive oil, and even squalene, the easily absorbed, not-quite-oil lipid found naturally in the skin. If your skin is way dry but you still have an aversion to the filmy residue some body lotions leave behind, this one will be your holy grail.

jason-aloe[1]Do you really hate lotion that much? If the answer is yes, well, we’re pretty sure you’ll like Jason Soothing Aloe Vera Sheer Spray Lotion anyway. If the idea of dispensing a generous amount of lotion into your hands is anxiety-inducing in and of itself, you can spray it on instead. This lightweight formula features aloe as star ingredient, which gives it hydrating, soothing properties in addition to its idiot-proof application. And for what it’s worth, it comes out in a fine mist, not like a jet stream.

Pacifica-Wipes[1]You don’t have to dislike lotion to love the innovative idea behind Pacifica Hand & Body Lotion Wipes but it helps—because who could possibly love a lotion wipe more than someone who thought they’d never find a lotion that suited them? There’s no easier way to achieve full-body moisture than with a quick swipe of one of these biodegradable cloths. Aloe and coconut milk are the soothing, nourishing ingredients that make it work, and the quick-drying finish allows it to instantly hydrate without feeling, well, lotion-y.

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