Confirmed—Everyone in My Tribe Gets a Homemade Coffee Scrub for the Holidays

Confirmed—Everyone in My Tribe Gets a Homemade Coffee Scrub for the Holidays
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I rarely plan ahead when it comes to gifting. Unless you’re my mom (hi Mom!), expect a really great present that I probably bought a couple days before. I’m an excellent shopper when under pressure with a tight deadline. It is what it is. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to at least try doing better, because what other choice do I have as a grown-up who wants to love on her besties? Most of my friends usually expect me to gift them with beauty products because, duh, it’s my job and I’m good at predicting who will like what, but I almost always avoid DIY. Well, now that I’m actually in love with Pinterest, I’m ready to go full-on Martha Stewart and make body coffee scrubs for everyone.

I’ve realized that I have a weakness for pretty things inside mason jars. Hair accessories, smoothies, overnight oats—if there’s a color scheme or it tastes good, I want to take a picture and actually use it. I am also motivated by the fact that DIY scrubs are ridiculously easy to make in just a few minutes. This means I can make a big batch, divvy up the end result and stick a bow on it all in less than an hour. Plus, coffee is an excellent skin exfoliant that blends seamlessly with other ingredients; especially essential oils (lavender is my fave).

Once you’ve gathered supplies—mason jars, ribbon, and mixing spoon—I recommend recreating any of these blogger-approved recipes for the upcoming holiday season. Be sure to save one for yourself too. Your skin deserves it.

When You’re Low on Time…

This easy recipe from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen requires just three ingredients. As noted, be sure to refrigerate and use within two weeks.

thigh chafing coconut oil Confirmed—Everyone in My Tribe Gets a Homemade Coffee Scrub for the Holidays


When You Want to Smooth Things Out….

This DIY scrub from The Coconut Mama includes, you guessed it: coconut oil, one of the all-purpose ingredients believed to diminish the appearance of cellulite.

When You Want to Show Off Those Gams…

The Nourished Life‘s four-ingredient coffee scrub is specifically for firming up the legs and giving them that moisturized, healthy-looking glow.

lavender coffee scrub Confirmed—Everyone in My Tribe Gets a Homemade Coffee Scrub for the Holidays


When You Want Those Spa Vibes at Home…

Laced With Purpose has a coffee and lavender scrub that will not only smell just good, but sooth irritated, chapped skin.

When You Want Something That Smells Like Dessert…

Try not to actually eat this french vanilla-scented blend concocted by Holly Habeck. Yuuuuum.

When You Want Next-Level Exfoliation…

Fun fact: Jenni Raincloud points out that grapefruit contains bromelain, an exfoliating enzyme that may or may not prevent cellulite, in addition to improving skin texture.

When Your Skin Needs Some Extra Pampering…

This mint-infused scrub from Savvy Naturalista will soothe inflammation and chapped skin in the dead of winter.

When You Absolutely Need a Pumpkin Spiced-Something…

Is it really fall if you don’t have at least one pumpkin spice product in your routine, like this homemade scrub from Everything Pretty? (Pumpkin is also a gentle, but effective skin exfoliant, too.)

When You Want to Make A Smaller Mess…

This innovative emulsified recipe from The Frugal Bear has more of a whipped texture, but still packs a heavy punch.

When You Want to Celebrate the Holidays…

This peppermint oil-infused coffee scrub from A Pumpkin and a Princess is the epitome of holiday season beauty. (And now I want a candy cane.)

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