Bobby Pin How To: Which Pins to Use Where

Rachel Nussbaum

A bobby pin is one of those things that seem so simple in theory, and then you get to the drugstore and realize that everything you thought you knew is actually worthless. Ten minutes later, and you’re wandering to the register with a random card of bobby pins in hand because how bad could it be? They’re just pins, anything’ll do the job, right? Wrong.¬†Put them in your hair and an hour later, you realize you’ve made a horrible mistake.

We speak from experience, and let us tell you, the return trip to the drugstore is no happy homecoming. Luckily, bobby pins pretty much give meaning to the phrase “a dime a dozen,” so it’s more a blow to the ego than the wallet. Also luckily, we believe in learning from past mistakes. So here, a comprehensive guide to which bobby pins are best for which uses, the hair types that should steer clear of those weird ripples and lastly, the pin that changed our lives.

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