We Just Found The Easiest Bobby Pin Hairstyle From the Unlikeliest Source

Victoria Moorhouse


There are definitely days when we have zero desire to do our hair, but our bedhead just isn’t going to cut it. Luckily, all it actually takes to pull together a look—one that you’ll be able to be seen in public with—is sliding in a few hair pins. Truly.

For proof, check out this cute style we spotted on singer JoJo—if you’re not up on your early aughts trivia, she’s the chick behind that “Too Little Too Late” jam that never left your head back in the mid-2000s. All she did to accessorize her wavy hair was slide in four delicate hair pins to create a chevron shape on the side of her head. It’s really cool, really easy, and we’re surprised we haven’t seen something like this at any of the music festivals yet.

Best of all, re-creating this look takes only three minutes. First apply a sea salt spray to build texture, then part your hair on the side and make one “V” shape further back on your head with two bobby pins. Next, make a second “V” within the first shape using two more pins. Bonus: you’ll be able to battle those baby hairs that so many of us struggle with.

Regardless if you care about JoJo’s comeback, you’ve got to applaud her for this genius little hairstyle.

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