Bobbi Brown Takes You to the Beach

Rachel Adler

Lately, it has been HOT in New York. Sticky hot. So hot, that I just sit in my apartment and don’t want to move. My roommates and I have come up with weird fantasies that will help us cool off our non-air conditioned place. Knocking down walls to open the place up a bit, creating some skylights, and then I went a bit out on a limb and suggested we just buy a blow-up pool, put it on the roof and lay in it all day long. Unfortunately we had to face the logistics of the situation (such as where the water would go when we had to drain the pool, i.e, our living room) but it was nice to dream about.

Anyway, I’ve come to the realization that being surrounded by buildings and pavement, and just plain not having a lot of free time, leaves me longing for a pool or a beach. So, when I came across Bobbi Brown’s newest scent for the summer, beach, I just about died.

The scent features notes of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin, and sort of makes me long for the ocean even more. But, if I can’t bring myself to the ocean, I may as well bring the ocean to me.

Available in five different formulas, the body scrub is my favorite. The scrub is lightly scented with the beach fragrance and contains orange peel and pumice to gently remove rough surface skin. Also containing shea butter and nourishing essential oils, it infuses skin with moisture.

Save yourself from the heat and go shopping at a nice and cool Bobbi Brown store for any of these beach-y products.

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