Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Eye Makeup Has Expanded With a Promise Perfect for Summer

Victoria Moorhouse

brow pencil Bobbi Browns Long Wear Eye Makeup Has Expanded With a Promise Perfect for Summer

Mascara and eyeliner have long taken the blame for being two of the beauty products most likely to smear when a drop of H2O or sweat comes in contact with them. Being the culprits of such a reputation, beauty brands got to work solving such trials by creating long-wearing formulas to beat the smudged or melt-y results of living life on-the-go or in contact with any warm or water-related weather. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has long been known for its vast collection of tiny gel eyeliner pots, of which are long-wearing, long-lasting, and water-resistant. In fact, Kim Soane, a Bobbi Brown PRO artist and the Director of Global Artistry, told us that one pot is sold every 30 seconds. That’s a lot of beauty love.

But the benefit only goes so far, if the rest of your eye makeup is smearing all over your face in the heat. That’s where the two newest additions to the long-wear line to this particular brand come to your rescue. Bobbi Brown has expanded with brow pencils and cream eyeshadow sticks that are “life-proof,” meaning they can withstand water, sweat, and will stay in place throughout the day (we tested them out while working out and no budge!). The brow pencils boast a 16-hour wear, while the shadows hold up for 12, and are available in just about any pretty neutral you’d want. No more 3 p.m. shadow touch ups sounds pretty good!

The whole concept comes together with the brand’s new campaign—they teamed up with four pro athletes who took out the new products for a test run. After testing, we were intrigued to learn more about what goes into making a long-wear product. Check out our interview with Kim Soane, Bobbi Brown PRO artist and the Director of Global Artistry, to learn more.

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The new long-wear makeup collection includes cream eye shadow and brow pencils. Why did the brand decide to go with these two products, as opposed to face makeup such as blush and foundation?
Kim Soane:
Bobbi’s original Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is the #1 best-selling product globally, in fact, one is sold every 30 seconds. To that end, the new additions of Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick shades and Perfectly-Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencils help to round out the extremely popular Long-Wear Eye category. Long-Wear makeup, especially eye, is a huge request from our clients, as women are always looking for a way to not only simplify their makeup routine but rather wear a product that will last the day.

The eyebrow pencil has such a unique slender shape. Why is this angled shape beneficial to your brows?
The angled shape of the pencil allows you to create and groom the perfect brow. The pointed tip creates a defined shape to the brow while the flat edge is used to fill in the brow. This creates the illusion of fuller brows while still looking soft and natural.

The products are sweat-proof… Is there really a difference between sweat-proof and waterproof?
Yes, there is a difference. Sweat and water are different as they have different compositions (water is external and sweat is internal). For the waterproof claim, the formula is tested by putting water on top of the products on the skin. Sweat comes from underneath the makeup and can be made up of a blend of different molecules (water, salt, oils, etc).

cream shadows Bobbi Browns Long Wear Eye Makeup Has Expanded With a Promise Perfect for Summer

Why is a cream formula so susceptible to a waterproof formula? Why not powder?
Generally, cream formulas are best able to hold the special raw materials that help them to be waterproof, because those ingredients come in cream or liquid forms. To that end, it is more difficult for powders to hold those ingredients because they don’t traditionally come in powder form.

The new campaign featuring pro athletes is such a great example for long-wear. How did this idea come to mind? Have they expressed positive feedback?
Bobbi has always had an affinity for athletes, so partnering with them only seemed natural. In choosing to work with Kelia, Roberta, Julia and Hannah, we were able to personify the new Long-Wear Eye Collection by showcasing each woman’s inspiring real-life stories and unique talents. Each of these four athletes and [the] #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF Campaign proves that long-wear makeup can go the distance and push the limits just as real women athletes do, and just as real women do in their daily lives. It remains water-proof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and above all, life-proof.

Why do you think long-wear makeup is becoming such a trend?
Women have busy lives. Between endless to-do lists, work and taking care of children and a home, there is often little time for touch-ups. There is a need for makeup that lasts and can be put on without a mirror, minimal touch-ups required.