Bobbi Brown Expert Shares Tips For Covering Up Those Flaws!

Rachel Adler

Having flawless skin is both the subject of much envy and even more legwork we don’t try to get ourselves public-ready without a serious arsenal of concealers, foundations and correctors.

But it’s not just products that will hide that blemish or sun spot, there’s some technique involved. Kim Soane, Manager of Artistry for Bobbi Brown, shared some of her go-to beauty tips for hiding unsightly flaws.

Dark circles are a girls worst nightmare. Whats the best way to cover them up?
To cover up dark circles, first start with a corrector, go pink-based (for lighter skin tones) or peach (for deeper skin tones) and will counteract the darkness and discoloration under the eye. Next you want to layer a concealer on top of the corrector which will lighten the under eye area. Choose a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. Apply to the undereye area with a concealer brush and then gently tap into the skin with your finger. Finally, set the concealer with pale yellow powder to keep it from creasing.

How can we cover up blemishes without making them stand out even more? What products should we be using?
Start by applying a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer all over your face. Step back and look to see what coverage this gave your blemishes and/or the discoloration. Next, using a touch up or foundation stick, gently apply product onto the blemish and the skin around the blemish. Blend into skin with your finger or a sponge, avoiding rubbing as it will just wipe off the product. Next set the area with a face powder to lock the coverage into place.
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Bobbi Brown foundation sticks, $40 each at Neiman Marcus. Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown.

How can I tell what color concealers are best for my skin tone?
The concealer that is best for your skin tone should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation shade. To find your perfect foundation, apply a stroke of the formula on your cheek and/or forehead the color should not change the color of your face, it should simply blend into your skin. Always choose a yellow-based foundation; everyone has yellow undertones in their skin, pink-based foundations will look like you are wearing a mask.

Whats the best way to make my foundation and concealer last throughout the day?
Make sure to start with the correct face moisturizer to prime your skin. If you have oily skin, choose an oil-free formula or an oil-control lotion. If you have combination skin, try an oil-free moisturizer around your t-zone and a more hydrating, emollient formula on your cheeks. For dry skin, dont be afraid to layer moisturizers to ensure your skin has enough moisture to apply foundation smoothly. To help your foundation last all day, apply a sheer face powder over your initial application of foundation, after lunch and before going out in the evening. Even if you set your foundation, you may still need to use a touch up stick throughout the day where you have trouble spots. Gently tap the touch up stick onto the area and before applying powder. Dont rub!
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Bobbi Brown Oil Control Lotion, $45 at Nordstrom. Photo Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

If I have oily skin, what products should I use to keep the shine off of my face?
Great products that will help control shine are: Bobbis Oil Control Lotion SPF 15, oil-free foundations, sheer powders and dont forget blotting papers!

What product do you always keep in your purse for quick fixes?
My customized mini-six pan palette, I have one with summer colors and one with winter colors. The palette can hold any cream formula so in mine I have dollops of corrector, concealer, touch up stick, cream blush, a pale lipstick and a bright lipstick. With this palette I can touch up and go anytime, anywhere.

Kim Soane has worked exclusively for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics training and coaching artists around the world for the last seven years. As the manager of artistry for the brand, Kim is responsible for developing the artistry skills of the Bobbi Brown Beauty Team, a select group of makeup artists hand-picked by Bobbi to represent her at events, and writing and teaching artistry workshops throughout the US. Kim regularly works alongside Bobbi Brown at New York Fashion Week and has helped create the looks for top designers including Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Anne Klein, and Charles Nolan to name a few. She has done the makeup for celebrities including Kylie Minogue, Tory Burch and Billie Jean King.

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