Will a Bob Haircut Look Good on You?

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We can’t get enough of Karlie Kloss’ bob haircut.

The shoulder-sweeping lob haircut of summer has gone with the season. What’s in for fall? A shorter version of the ‘do.

“The bob hairstyle is super popular right now because everyone wants to chop off their ratty, long summer beach hair and start fresh again,” explains Devin Toth, senior stylist and director of education for Ted Gibson Beauty in New York City. “Anyone can wear a bob and the geometric appearance of it can be used to flatter and bring balance to any face shape.”

The jaw-length cut isn’t a new Hollywood trend. The bob first gained popularity during the ‘20s. Today, stars continue to rock this look and it can be styled in a variety of ways, ranging from sleek and shiny to bouncy, lush curls.

Like the lob, the bob flatters nearly everyone, but should you go shorter in time for the chilly months to come? We asked several celebrity stylists on how to get the look for yourself and keep it runway-ready.

Know Your Hair Type 
Stylists agree that the short bob looks great on everyone, as long as it’s styled to meet the needs of your mane. “If you have thinner hair, make sure to have a few layers added to the crown to give the illusion of volume and lift,” explains Los Angeles-based groomer Julia Papworth. “If you have curly hair, ask for layers and texturizing to avoid having your hair look too poofy. (But) embrace your natural curls for a beachy, wavy look.” Also, keep in mind that if your hair is naturally curly, your hair shouldn’t be trimmed too short—it will just overwhelm your face, instead of flattering it.

Avoid ‘Cutter’s Remorse’
Just because the look is hot for fall doesn’t mean you should grab the scissors and chop your locks. Zachary Killian, senior stylist at Hollywood-based Hairroin Salon, warns that the bob is a full-commitment look and one that should not be requested on a whim. “You should be prepared for a brand new look,” says Killian. “I would go as far as taking a trip to a wig store to actually try on a style similar to what you want first. There’s also an array of computer apps that allow you to upload your own photo and effortlessly try on different styles to help determine if the look suits you. The more you know the less likely you are to suffer from a bout of cutter’s remorse.” Also, don’t forget to bring as many images as possible to show your stylist at both your consultation and actual appointment to ensure you’re getting the exact cut you want.

No Two Bobs Are Alike
Stylist and colorist Christophe Belkacemi of Lionel Renard Salon in Los Angeles loves the bob due because it can be styled in a variety of ways. Rather than getting a straight cut, he advises getting a trim that will enhance your facial features. “If you have a thin, long face, you should go for a shorter clean lined bob with straight angles,” Belkacemi explains. “If you have a rounder face, a longer bob will be more flattering.”

Fake It ‘Til You Make It
Curious about the bob, but you just can’t get yourself to lose that long, lustrous mane? Don’t fret. Try a “faux bob,” which can be created at home. “Pin up the hair to make it look like a bob,” suggests Christine Kuno, hairstylist and colorist at Los Angeles’ Lionel Renard Salon. Use pins matching your hair color for a natural finish. Actress Claire Danes did the exact same thing for this year’s Emmys.

Accessorize to Your Liking
Having a bad hair day? Let the bob come to the rescue. “The bob is so hot this season because it’s a great look for wearing fall accessories, such as big scarves and hats,” says Corey Chambers, stylist at Beverly Hills-based Nelson J Salon. For a vintage-inspired look that would make Gatsby proud, consider wearing a scarf in an art-deco print or solid hue that can be tied around your bob. If you can’t find the perfect scarf, try barrettes with jewels and gemstones to brighten up your look.

Add Texture
A pin-straight bob works for the office and formal affairs, but if you’re looking to give the iron a break, stylists say the autumn season is ideal to experiment with texture. “I like to add some spray wax and give it a piecey, chunky feel that looks anything but polished,” says Mika Fowler, stylist at Beverly Hills’ Kim Vo Salon. “This works great with all of the ‘90s looks we’re seeing. Spray wax will be your best friend while pulling off this look to help those stubborn flyaways.”

Create Sleeker Features
Want to create the illusion of a longer neck? Simple: don’t make your bob too short. “Blow dry hair upside down for volume or use the flat iron for a sleek look,” suggests Pasquale Caselle, international creative director of IT&LY HAIRFASHION. “Want to look sassy? Use a curling iron or hot rollers. Have a longer face shape? Part it to the side. If round, part to the middle.” Sure, the possibilities seem to be endless when styling, but what’s a really unique way to make your bob stand out from the rest this season? “Get your stylist to add some fun pieces of color that peek-a-boos out of your hair,” he says.

Make Use of One Tool
Bobs were a big hit at this year’s Emmys and stylists insist that this hairstyle will continue to be sought after — and all you need is one affordable tool to keep your look intact. “When it comes to styling bobs, I recommend using a beautiful hold hairspray,” says Toth. “This product will bring out a sexy texture in any bob, whether it’s straight or wavy. The key is to make it sexy and tousled without making it look greasy, flat, and forced.” If you do suffer from slick tresses, make use of dry shampoo on the roots to soak up the oils that may weigh hair down.

Give Yourself Extra Time
Unlike the longer lob, which was famous for being a wash-and-go style, the bob does require more upkeeps. “This hairstyle is sometimes a hard look to pull off, so talk to your stylist and discuss what type of bob will work on your face,” explains New York City-based stylist Angelo David Pisacreta. “As much as the bob looks simple, the styling will probably take longer than your normal routine. Again, talking to your stylist about how to maintain your bob is important.”

Turn Back Time
For a more youthful appearance, all stylists agree to try rocking a fringe this season. Not only can bangs make you look younger, but they say it pairs perfectly with a bob.

*This story was originally published in Fox News Magazine.

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