4 Blush Colors Anyone Can Wear

Rachel Krause

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Blush is important any time of year—for some of us, it’s the only thing standing between a healthy flush and total corpse face—but with summer on the horizon, it’s more crucial than ever. Because every blush looks different on everyone, buying a blush you love can mean trying on tons of shades at the store, which can be less than thrilling. Fortunately, these four shades look incredible on absolutely every skin tone. They’re foolproof!

Blush-NARSBright Pink
Bright, borderline neon pinks can look seriously intimidating in the pan, but surprise—they’re actually some of the most wearable shades for all skin tones. Because the color is so vivid, it only takes a light hand to create a gorgeous flush that really brightens up the face. Bright pinks are best applied high on the cheekbones with a soft, fluffy brush blended up toward the temple. NARS Blush in Gaiety is the perfect finely-milled, high-pigmented formula that melts into the skin for a pretty natural finish.

Like bright pink, peach shades can seem intimidating until they’re actually on your face. They tend to skew very warm, but the right soft peach can add a healthy glow to any skin tone. Peach looks best when applied not to the apples of cheeks but rather  to the top of the cheekbone and sweeping outward. These shades are also perfect for using in place of a bronzer for a summery effect that isn’t over the top. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Captivating is our absolute favorite, especially on tanned skin.

Blush-Marc JacobsMagenta
A rich, deep magenta is one of the easiest blush shades to wear on absolutely every skin tone on the spectrum. While bright shades add a pop of color to the face, darker blushes create a romantic flush that’s perfect for an understated, natural-but-better look that can take you from office-appropriate to a dramatic night-out look. Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Bold Blush in Tantalizing is so pigmented—a little really goes a long way.

From lipstick to eyeshadow, and even hair, rose tones are far and away some of the most wearable. It’s a safe pick, but who cares? You really can’t go wrong. BECCA Mineral Blush in Sweetpea creates a stunning natural effect that doesn’t even look like you’re wearing makeup—you just look better.

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