Blue Ivy Gives Herself Rhinestone Eyebrows, Is Living Everyone’s Best Life

Rachel Krause


This picture of Blue Ivy Carter applying makeup, presumably from her mama’s kit, really speaks to me, mostly because I want nothing more than to give myself rhinestone eyebrows above my eyebrows. That is my dream. However, what’s nauseatingly cute on four-year-old Blue would look completely insane on me, an adult person with a job. Life is unfair.

But on a more sober note, I’m pretty shocked by the more than 8,000 comments on the photo, which Beyoncé posted to Instagram last night. I’m shocked because they’re all overwhelmingly positive and largely about how adorable and “beautiful and blessed” Blue Ivy is. Which she, of course, is.

Compare this to the public response to an Instagram of North West “contouring.” There are snide remarks about “the way she’s being brought up around these things,” with one commenter saying, “Teaching her young, huh? All this makeup is teaching her is that her natural beauty isn’t enough.” Quite the disparity there, no?

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