Tips and Tricks For Really Getting That Perfect Blue Hair

Aly Walansky
Kylie Jenner blue hair

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Plenty of us have experimented with our hair at this point in lives, whether it be simply going blonde, red, or even blue. The rainbow (or trendier, pastel) hair trend is no longer really a trend – the “out there” colors have become more of a staple, so if you are trying to kick your hair up a notch, a fun new shade is a great start. Blue hair dye may seem like a big departure from your comfort zone, but it can be fabulous if you go for the right shade for your skin tone.

Complement your skin tone:
Just as we would want to pair our makeup choices with our skin tone, this is also true for the hair shades that will work for us. “When choosing fun, candy-colored hair make sure to embrace one that works with your skin tone. Blue hair would compliment someone with warm undertones. There are many ways to incorporate fashion colors whether it be peek-a-boo highlights or an ombre effect,” says Gary Gemma at Gary Patrick Salon.

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…as well as your texture:
Nelson Bray of Indigo Bliss Hairapy thinks when you have straight hair it looks gorgeous in ombre or with standout highlights. Curly hair looks phenomenal with highlights as well as overall tones. Bray love bright shades for dark or pale skin and pastels on olive skin. For example, olive-skinned Kylie Jenner with a pastel ombre effect, and fair-skinned Juliette Lewis in bright blue.

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Keep it subtle:
Bray says we can work our way into the blue realm in several different ways. Bray says for some, this may mean trying to keep it subtle with highlights or a single colored chunky piece tucked behind the ear, or a blue wash over dark hair to give hair a vibrant and unique but more professional look as well. Ombre or light and dark shades of the same color in highlights also gives a fun watercolor effect to the hair, Bray says.

If you aren’t ready to dye your hair, consider a few clip-in extensions. This gives your hair a fun trial run and lets you get used to the idea before making any commitments!

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