How to Sleep Without Ruining Your Blowout


Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Drybar founder and serious hair crush, Alli Webb, knows a thing or two about a good blowout. Not only is every location packed across the city at all times, but her styling line has been flying off Sephora’s shelves. We asked Alli the all-important question: How do we make our blowout last through the night?

You want to make sure to put your hair up in two loose buns, with metal clips, high on your head and sleep on a satin pillowcase,” says Webb. “The clips are so much better than an elastic, because the band can dent the hair and leave marks. Also, the reason it’s better to part your hair down the middle in two sections instead of one, is that you’ll actually end up with more curl on each side. Another thing I started to do, is take the top section in the back of the crown and wrap it in a velcro roller. It will get totally messed up when you sleep, but it actually solves the cowlick problem in that area when you wake up.”

When it comes to freshening up your hairstyle the next morning, Webb says it’s all about your hairline and the crown. “You can even gently wet those areas and re-blow dry them after adding dry shampoo, concentrating on the front. No one is really paying that much attention to the back, but if the front looks fresh and clean it really makes your whole blowout look new again.”

When applying dry shampoo, Webb says to avoid the scalp and the part line, because you can see it. “I tell people to section your hair and draw a line, and apply it under that line and spray and rub it in. Then lift, spray, lift spray section-by-section.”

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