How to Keep Your Blowout Style Looking Fresh Overnight

Aly Walansky


We don’t have to tell you, because you already know: There’s nothing in the world like a fresh blowout. We’d love to make it last for days, even weeks, if we could, but the truth is that a perfectly coiffed style just doesn’t look quite the same after a day or two. We always want to make the most of our blowouts, which raises the question—how can we maintain those bold curls and sexy waves for as long as possible? With the right sleep strategies, that’s how.

First things first: Sleep smart.
Opt for a silk pillowcase over a cotton one—the silk allows hair to gently slide around throughout the night, while a cotton fabric creates friction between the hair and the case.  “Some of my clients love using silk scarves and wrapping them around a bun for bed,” says Giovanni Vaccaro, creative director for GLAMSQUAD. This is a great way to make the blowout last, but the placement of the bun is key. For very thick, coarse hair, a low tight bun is your best option in order to minimize puffiness and keep hair smooth, Vaccaro says. For finer strands, gather hair in a very loose top bun. Never use regular bobby pins or clips, as these usually leave marks, and make sure the bun is loose enough so the hair can maintain its volume and bounce.

Braid your beach waves.
Beachy waves are a blowout bar favorite, but how do you maintain that style after you take it out on the town? Michael BraunPRIV hair stylist, says to braid vertical sections going around your head according to your part before bed to protect the style and add fun texture. Just unbraid and shake ‘em out in the morning.

Keep your curls intact.
Firstly, flip your head upside down and lightly finger comb through your hair to make sure you don’t have any knots. Gather all of your hair to the highest point of your head into a pony and secure loosely with a hair tie. Be careful not to tighten the hair tie, or it will create an unwanted crease, says DreamDry Senior Stylist Sonia David. Roll the hair into the direction of your curls and secure each curl with a hair pin. Follow by wrapping your hair with a silk scarf to keep it smooth overnight.

Preserve your sleekness.
Because of its simplicity, a sleek, straight look is the easiest blowout style to maintain, provided you treat it with the necessary care. Braun suggests wrapping your hair around your head, then using roller pins to pin in place and a silk scarf to protect it.

Make your soft waves stay.
Soft, sexy red carpet waves are super fun to wear for a night out, but they’re especially difficult to maintain on day two. Braun says to section hair into four sections—two in the front, two in the back—and create a bun out of each section at night to hold style. You’ll look fairly ridiculous, but if maintaining a flawless blowout is something you hold in high esteem, then it’ll be totally worth it.

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