Instagram-Approved Blowout Styles for Textured Hair This Fall

Instagram-Approved Blowout Styles for Textured Hair This Fall
Photo: ImaxTree.

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Whereas summer is all about wet and wavy beach hair, fall is when most of us feel good about resurrecting our blow-dryers, straighteners and curling irons because we know the humidity won’t obliterate our hard work. And free-flowing curls aren’t the only look dominating our natural hair feeds: A classic silk press or blown-out tresses are just as captivating, especially when fashioned into a style that emphasizes the smoothness and shine of our hair. Thankfully, blow-out hairstyles for textured hair are never in short supply.

Per usual, it’s especially important to protect your hair before, during, and after whatever level of manipulation you’re about to subject it to. A heat protectant is a must, regardless of which hot tool you’re using or hood you’re sitting under. And should your ‘do involve a ponytail, be wary of pulling too tight and causing your edges to break (here are some of my favorites). Lastly, have fun with it! Just because your hair is blown-out, doesn’t mean it needs to stay out and free-flowing. Qe’re looking to Instagram for inspiration that we can screenshot and save for the salon when we want to stretch our strands with a little heat. Whether you want to leave your hair out or twist it into an intricate updo, there’s plenty of looks that’ll motivate your mane game. Check out the ones that caught our eye, ahead.