Blow-Dry Blues


One of the best feelings is leaving a salon with a great haircut and blowout. I love walking out with bouncing hair, catching glimpses of it in windows, and sneaking looks in the rearview mirror while driving home. It’s great while it lasts, but the next day, that feeling fades.

There I am standing in the bathroom with a blow-dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other. My arms are getting heavier by the second. I’m sweating from the hot air blowing at my face. My hair doesn’t look like it did yesterday—I’m pretty certain my stylist didn’t leave me with a half curly, half straight mess. To put it simply, I’m frustrated.

No matter how skilled you are in the art of blow-dry, it’s hard to style your hair exactly like a professional does. It seems like a conspiracy to keep you coming back for more. If only your stylist could teach you her ways…

Well, maybe she will. As the New York Times featured today, many top salons are now offering lessons in blow-drying. The Oscar Blandi Salon in Manhattan, Mario Russo in Boston, and Suite Five Salon in San Francisco are all handing the blow-dryers over to the customers. Stylists watch and guide them through the perfect blowout, and prices can range from $45 to $250. This recession-friendly service could be the way to get that fresh-from-the-salon feeling every day.

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