Bloomingdale’s Makes Over Bumble and Bumble, Clinique, and YSL


Bloomingdales’ flagship store on 59th Street in Manhattan is overhauling the beauty department. With three new design initiatives underway, Bloomingdales is sure to stand out as a leader in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

The first ever Bumble and Bumble styling bar is scheduled to open on October 15th. The full-service salon will offer a digital menu at the front of the styling bar. Customers will be able to choose from about five different styles that will take around 20 minutes to create, and cost only $35. Geared toward the girl on the go, the salon is designed to accommodate women without appointments, who need a quick touch up. The full product line will also be available for purchase.


Clinique is renovating their beauty counter to ‘liberate the consumer’. Offering services to customers that will be achieved in a “New York Minute”, the new alcove is certainly state of the art. With touch screen computers designed to personalize make-up choices, and comfy colorful couches to ponder on, the beauty bound women will feel right at home at Clinique’s new counter.


Last but certainly not least, is the design concept behind YSL‘s new beauty outlet. Launching on September 17th, YSL will capture consumers at a 360-degree angle. With free standing make-up counters and a bright new color concept, the crowds will be pouring into Bloomingdale’s next week. Also to launch will be two new products: a foundation and mascara. The foundation is to last 14 hours before needing a retouch and will be offered in ten different shades for $55. The mascara will lengthen, strengthen, and curl lashes using YSL’s signature curling wax formula. It will retail for $35.

Head to Bloomie’s flagship store to check out these counter changes, and pick up some of the best new beauty products.