10 Things You Should Never Say to Girls with Blonde Eyebrows

Augusta Falletta
blonde eyebrows


Bold brows are the “it” beauty accessory these days. That’s all fine and good for the Cara Delevingnes of the world, but for ladies with blonde eyebrows, the trend falls more on the aggravating side of the fence. Between having to see models with bold eyebrows around every corner and practically every beauty store being taken over by eyebrow enhancing products, being a lady with blonde brows is tough nowadays.

Because we understand (and personally live through) what it’s like to be a lady with blonde brows in a world that wants nothing but bold, so we’ve put together a list of things that you should never say to a blondie.

1. “You probably never have to get your eyebrows done.”

2. “LOL, you don’t even have eyebrows.”

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3. “Have you ever tried an eyebrow pencil?”

4. “You have to try this new brow gel I got. It will change your life.”

5. “You should get a brow tinting treatment.”

6. “You’re so lucky you don’t have to even worry about your eyebrows.”

7. “You kind of look like Miley Cyrus that time she bleached her brows.”

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8. “Have you ever thought about just dyeing your eyebrows? Maybe that’ll help.”

9. “You’re probably one of those people with blonde leg hair, too. You’re so lucky you never have to shave.”

10. “I wish I didn’t have to think about my brows. They’re so dark.”