The Unique Way Blake Lively’s Makeup Artist Uses Blush

The Unique Way Blake Lively’s Makeup Artist Uses Blush
Photo: Getty Images

Since making her big screen debut in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” Blake Lively has been style, charm and major beauty goals. From bold makeup in “Gossip Girl” to nailing countless red carpet looks, Lively always has a fresh glow that we not only fawn over, but want to copy ourselves. 

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Unfortunately, there is no magic to her glow, unless you count natural beauty mixed with the help of her longtime makeup artist, Kristofer BuckleIn a recent chat with People about Lively’s look from Michael Kors Collection Fall 2018 fashion show, Buckle did not credit magic for her flawless skin, but he did reveal a key trick.

Blush is his not-so-secret weapon, but how he uses it is what really elevates the entire look. Instead of just swiping across the cheeks, he applies it just under the eye, too. 

“It’s a good trick because blush is really used to simulate the look of blood rushing to the surface of the skin, and when you see someone physically blush, it’s usually really high,” he said. “So that little extra pink closer to the eyes is actually really natural.”

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Buckle used  L’Oréal Paris’s Visible Lift Radiance Cheek Duo in Romantic In Rose for this particular moment and kept the rest of her makeup subtle in an attempt to focus on her fiery red coat. With a trick like that, we’re starting to think makeup artists are wizards in disguise.