Blake Lively Hairstyles: Impossible to Achieve for the Every Day Woman


Ah, aspirational hair. Something we will apparently never achieve. Or at least not if New York’s top hair stylists have anything to say about it. In a New York Times article published yesterday, the paper dissects Gossip Girl Blake Lively‘s gorgeous blonde locks and what exactly it takes to achieve them–which is apparently, the impossible (unless you are Blakey Lively).

First off, you must be tall and slim, according to Nuri Yort, from Toka Salon in NYC, who says that Lively’s look is a common request when his clients come in to get their locks snipped.

John Barrett, who runs a salon within Bergdorf Goodman says that you can get the look, but at the price of $1,200 a month for an entire fixing of cuts, treatments, and extensions (because you’re natural hair length obviously isn’t good enough either).

So if this news is true and all, why is Lively saying that she only gets highlights twice a year and that Gossip Girl hairstylists create her beautiful waves by “letting her hair dry in a simple chignon”? Just mind bloggling. Maybe if we perfect this technique we can come two percent closer to becoming Blake Lively? We’ll get back to you tomorrow on that one…