Hair Crush: Blake Lively Gives Us Blonde Envy

Blake Lively

Photos: Getty Images

There are two looks that I always strive to achieve: the Old Hollywood Veronica Lake waves and the lived-in bedhead look. While I regularly fail to recreate either look, Blake Lively seems to have gotten them down to a science. Whether she’s walking around Manhattan with her signature beach waves or walking the red carpet with a red lip and s-waves, her style always come off as effortless. Here’s what I’ve gathered on how the actress creates those opposing textures.

For Hollywood Glamour
The key to the Veronica Lake wave is smoothness (with a side of shine.) “Something my mom does that is kind of cool: she puts coconut oil on the ends of her hair,” she told The Cut. “When you shampoo your hair, you’re trying to get the oil out of your roots, but you really want the rest of your hair to maintain its moisture. When you put coconut oil on the ends, the shampoo gets oil out of the roots, but it also protects the ends.” Shiny, but not greasy.

Another trick she has to keep hair smooth and frizz-free—a deep conditioner. “My hair changes depending on where I am in the world and the different environments and climates,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “My hair can get kind of frizzy and big, so I leave in a hair mask, rather than rinsing it out all the way.”

For Lived-In Casual
The actress told Marie Claire she uses the Mason Pearson Handy Boar & Nylon Hair Brush ($120, for texture. “I use this for teasing. Just one or two strokes under the top layer gives my hair a sexy, full look.” This also adds height and subtle matteness to the hair.

And for roughness, Liz Reilly, lead stylist for “Gossip Girl,” credits Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($39, “Spray the texture at the root of dry hair for a nice lift and hold,” she told Then she rolls her hair into a bun, releases after a few minutes and brushes the hair lightly with her fingertips.

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