Blake Lively is Getting in On the Summer’s Hottest Hair Trend

Rachel Krause

Blake Lively has been the object of our hair affection for ten years now, ever since we first fell in love with her voluminous blonde mane as it flashed across our screens (literally—her character was always running) in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” This love affair has been ongoing, and aside from a brief dalliance with an auburn shade for her role in “Green Lantern,” we can hardly a single time she’s stayed from her signature medium blonde shade, a world wonder unto itself.

So excuse us for the minor existential crisis we suffered when we spotted the actress’s brand new hair color on Instagram today. Blake, it seems, has committed to the latest hair color trend, an in-between shade known as “bronde.” The name speaks for itself: It bridges the gap between a deeper brown and a golden blonde shade, resulting in a low-maintenance color that looks good on everyone, even if you’re not Blake Lively.

As much as we’ll miss Blake’s signature blonde (and we will, a lot), we’re pretty into this new darker look. We just hope she doesn’t go full-out dark too soon, because we might just have a heart attack.

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