BlackPink’s Rosé Has Her Most Platinum Hair Yet & Fans Are Losing It

Elizabeth Denton
BlackPink’s Rosé Has Her Most Platinum Hair Yet & Fans Are Losing It
Photo: AP Images.

If you’ve ever been platinum, you know the struggles. To keep up the icy hue, you have to get your roots touched up every 3-4 weeks. And when you do get that bleach and tone, you feel like a new person with your dream white-blonde strands. That’s what we think is going on with Rosé from BlackPink’s blonde hair. Eagle-eyed fans noticed Rosé’s hair looks even icier than usual and it could be for a super exciting reason.

Rosé’s hair has been platinum for a while. This allows you to easily try other shades without a lot of effort. That’s why she’s been gray, pastel pink, lavender, light blue and even warmer blonde hues. This is her most silver yet, probably because her hairstylist used an icy toner to get all the brass out of her strands for that ice-blonde look. It’s not easy to achieve but when you nail it, you nail it. And she has.

Blinks on Twitter are drooling over her long, blonde hair saying “Rosé dyed her hair again” and “i have never seen a prettier group than blackpink like wtf.”

Some think Rosé’s hair refresh has to do with her dropping her first solo single this weekend at their virtual concert called “The Show.” A teaser was just released in a video showing Rosé (with warmer blonde hair) on the floor and sitting alone in a room looking sad singing “All my love is gone.” The indie-pop sound with the romantic guitar is a bit of a departure but a welcome change for the K-pop star. No doubt, it’ll be a big success.

The 30-second clip already has almost seven million views on YouTube. “BLACKPINK doesn’t realize this, but they are making everyone’s quarantine better,” wrote multiple fans. We could agree more.

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