Black, White, and Tan All Over


I once read that you should think about a tan the same way you think about black tights. They both instantly make you look thinner and toned (imagine yourself in white tights as compared to black…). Unfortunately being tan is probably one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Here’s where sunless tanning comes in. As many of us have experienced, self-tanners can be a little tricky. They often leave streaks, they smell weird, and it gets all over your clothes.

Having lived in Los Angeles for years, I’ve experimented with just about every self-tanner: lotion, gel, spray, you name it. While New Yorkers don’t have the obsession with tanning that Californians do, come summer time, the last thing I want is pasty legs. My roommate Megan uses Lancome’s new Multi-Angle Self-Tanning Spray Even and All-Over Glow so I gave it a go last week. The tan was even and natural looking and I didn’t have to spend an hour hanging out in my underwear drying after application.

Flash Bronzer Airbrush
Multi-Angle Self-Tanning Spray Even and All-Over Glow, $28, at