Spotlight: The Handmade Lipstick That’s Changing the Game

Caitlin S. Miller

Photo: ImaxTree

We see a lot of lipsticks hit our desks. In fact, it would be embarrassing to admit how many we play with on any given day. (Our hands pretty much have permanent red swatches tattooed on them.) So when we got word of another range of lipsticks hitting the market, we were curious as to what makes them so different than the many, many tubes we already own. So curious, in fact, that when Bite Beauty invited us to tour their factory in Toronto and see exactly how their new 34-piece lipstick collection is made, we couldn’t resist. After getting the lowdown on the new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick collection ($26 each, straight from the people who make it (literally, we watched them hand pour the bullets!), we’re convinced that this line will be upping the ante in the lipstick world.

Upon seeing the collection, our first thought was, “Wow, those are really pretty.” And it’s true. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the 34 different hues in Amuse Bouche. From the peachy nude Meringue to the magenta violet Dragonfruit, there are colors for every taste and preference. In theory, you could wear one every day for a month and never duplicate. And they truly are high-impact hues. The color payoff is strong from the softest nude to the darkest black. (It’s triple milled, meaning there’s a lot of color going on in each swipe.)

But it’s not the color that sealed the deal for us. It’s the formula. Amuse Bouche lipsticks are actually good for your lips. With 12 edible oils (seriously, they used food-grade ingredients), the feel of the lipstick is less lipstick-y and more lip treatment-y. Plus, the small-batch, low-heat process used to create the collection ensures that good-for-you nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils are coating your pout and making it smooth and soft as opposed to sticky and tacky. Oh and did we mention these are hand-crafted to ensure each lipstick is held up to both color and formula standards? We can practically see the lipstick bar being raised as we type.

At the current moment we’re having a hard time deciding which shade is our new go to. Thankfully, we’ve got 34 days to experiment and decide. Challenge accepted.

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