Infographic: Find Out How Women Really Feel About Beauty Trends

Danielle Pistono

Beauty eCommerce website, Birchbox , recently conducted a survey with their customers which resulted in some interesting finds. The Beauty Pulse Survey polled over 10,000 women from across the country to find out what beauty trends and products they are really into at the moment. It was broken down into three different categories: hair, face and body. After looking over the survey we found that while some things came as a surprise, others were pretty common sense.

The fact that almost everyone envies Blake Lively‘s perfect beachy hair is not surprising at all. For older women who have started going gray, they favored Michelle Williams’ adorable pixie. It seems that America is torn when it comes to nail art, though. While 22% say they wish it would go away, it is still something that women are excited about. Gone are the days of neutral nails in the workplace — 42% of women said that they would definitely wear neon nails to work, but it is not always allowed in their workplace.

As for the face, 28% still use full-coverage foundation, but BB creams and tinted moisturizers are quickly gaining popularity. It is also nice to know that most are SPF savvy — 63% wear it everyday, with the West Coast being the most diligent about sun protection. With all of the new beauty products that come out constantly, it can be hard to keep up. Sheet masks seem to baffle the most people, and while BB creams are popular, 40% of respondents don’t really know what it is that makes them so great.

Check out the infographic below to see what else Birchbox found out about the women of America:

bbpulse infographic final Infographic: Find Out How Women Really Feel About Beauty Trends

Graphic Courtesy of Birchbox