Birchbox Co-Founders on Classic Beauty Products That Will Never Go Out of Style

Laurel Pinson

Birchbox Founders

As the co-founders of one of the most innovative new online beauty platforms in recent memory, Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna know a thing or two about the biggest beauty products of the moment. In the latest episode of The Unexpected Insider, the duo revealed their love of grungy hair and great accessories to Orly Shani, along with the inspiration for their successful online venture.

Here, the duo reveal the moment(s) when they knew they’d “made it,” as well as the beauty products that will never—ever!—go out of style.

What was the moment when you knew you’d “made it”?

Katia Beauchamp: I still don’t feel know that I’ve made it. There are still many big challenges to come, but I do feel so proud of what we accomplished. There are two moments that stand out for me when it all sunk in.
– Our event at last year NYFW: Birchbox came to life and it was amazing to hear the response of our brand partners and the editors and bloggers who came. The conversations were about more than the box—they were about how we were shaping and changing the industry.
– Cutting the ribbon and then talking about our plans for 2013 in our awesome new office. Looking out at the faces of the most talented and motivated team, talking about how we are raising the bar again, and seeing the excitement and eagerness staring back. It’s our fifth office in two years, having gone from a dream and three people ideating on an idea to 150 people defining an even loftier dream.

Hayley Barna: We have only just begun on this journey and are anxious to continue down the path. I think that our restlessness and high expectations are a big reason we dreamed so big in the first place! To illustrate: We were gifted three bottles of Dom Perignon two years ago by an investor who told us to open them at important milestones. Despite achieving so much since then, we haven’t opened any of those bottles yet. They’re sitting on our desks and we’re waiting for something bigger!

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received from a mentor or a friend?

KB: “Trust you. Go with your gut.” Not blindly and without taking into account all of the data and information; but most times it is not conclusive and you have to make a decision—go with your gut.

HB: You’ll make mistakes every day. Just try to get more right then you get wrong.

New beauty must-haves come and go each season, but what, to you, are the real classics that will still be relevant in 20 years?

KB: Cheek stains. They stay all day and give such a natural flush. I have heard that the first ones were actual rosewater and now there are new formulas and delivery systems that make it easy to use anywhere, without losing an of the long-lasting and natural look.

HB: A great red lip, the perfect nude mani, and the confidence you get from a really great hair cut.

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