Razor Brand Billie Is Reminding the World Women Have Mustaches, Too

Elizabeth Denton
Razor Brand Billie Is Reminding the World Women Have Mustaches, Too
Photo: Billie.

Each November, men around the world grow their facial hair in honor of Movember, an organization that supports men’s health and wellness initiatives. Now, people of all genders are getting in on the action. Billie launched its Movember campaign called Newsflash: Women Have Mustaches Too, because, well, it’s true. The razor brand is reminding the world that just because you might not see a mustache on a woman, there’s a good chance she has “upper lip” hair (something we say because “mustache” sounds too masculine, I guess?) and works her ass off to remove it. Shaving, waxing, lasering, threading—most of us do something to make the area look as hairless as possible.

But we do have hair. Some people have more mustache hair than others but most people of all genders have something there they work to remove. Billie wants women and non-binary people to join in on the Movember festivities and not stress about their hair for the month. “Of all the places women grow hair, the upper lip seems to be the one most rarely talked about and the most taboo,” said co-founder Georgina Gooley in a statement. “We’re excited to make it the hero of our latest campaign and put our hair to good use in the name of a good cause.”

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Image: Billie.

If you don’t want to grow out of your upper lip hair, that’s your choice and that’s the point of all these campaigns. What you do with your face and body hair is up to you and society shouldn’t dictate what’s “pretty” or “clean.” (As if hair is dirty?). In honor of Movember and its efforts to support men with things like prostate cancer and mental health issues, Billie will be matching 100 percent of contributions, up to $50,000, at Mybillie.com/movember.

Now, I’m going to go cancel my waxing appointment for this month.