Billie Eilish Declared Her Long Hair “Gone” As She Debuted A Shaggy Bob

Elizabeth Denton
Billie Eilish Declared Her Long Hair “Gone” As She Debuted A Shaggy Bob
Photo: AP Images.

As much as is talked about Billie Eilish’s body (annoyingly), is also talked about her hair. While people should keep their mouths shut about her curves, Eilish’s hair is actually really interesting. She really shows her creativity through her hair and she never bores us. At the end of the day, she knows her hair is a part of her image and she loves to surprise.

The singer/songwriter had black hair with green roots for a long time — longer than was actually “real.” While going through her journey to blonde hair (which has an orange-y phase), she wore a wig that resembled that exact same color as her previous hair so no one knew the blonde was coming. Fans speculated though since the wig looked a little too perfect and she began wearing a series of hats.

Last March, Eilish shocked the world with not only platinum blonde hair but a bombshell look with new bangs. Her blonde reveal on Instagram broke records to become the fastest — most — liked post. The reveal for her newest look was a little less dramatic. She showed off a much shorter ‘do in her Stories, writing “Like my mama,” and “I love it.”

Her new bob is shaggy and cool, a little like the trending “wolf” haircut. You can tell she’s really feeling herself as she went on to post a few photos to the grid.

It’s possible Eilish was in the mood to go short. If you have long hair, you know the appeal of a chic bob. It’s also possible she was forced to cut off some inches because the beach from being so blonde was damaging her hair. It’s why you see a lot of blondes get bangs or go short — it’s called a “chemical cut,” AKA the chemicals force you into it.

For whatever reason, she looks great and the shag fits her personality and style perfectly. We hope she keeps it up.

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