How to Keep Your Bikini Line in “Tip-Top” Shape

Emily Smith

We all know that there are several ways to get a clean-cut look for hair down there, but the upkeep can be quite tedious, and not to mention somewhat of a challenge.  Whether one opts for a regular bikini wax or a full on Brazilian wax, maintaining one of summer’s staples is vital to all beauty connoisseurs and beach-goers alike. Although it often leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, one may also experience the risk of leaving the salon with not only the sensation of practically becoming a whole new woman, but also the pain of ingrown hairs and inflammation.

Many may not even know what an ingrown hair is, so just as a little health lesson, ingrown hairs often occur when (mostly thick) hair grows back into the skin. Here are a few ways to help rid the irritation of ingrown hairs:

1.    Use an aspirin-based anti-inflammatory, such as Tend Skin or Paula’s Choice Skin Relief  in order to rid the irritation of skin.
2.    Apply cortisone cream from your local drug store to sooth the pain of ingrown hairs and inflammation!
3.    If there is any sign of possible infection, use an antibacterial cream in order to protect your skin from developing further disease. Some signs may be change in size and/or color, or if the hair begins to itch.
4.    No Bump Skin Treatment helps with those annoying bumps that often appear on tender areas.
5.    If you continue to have ingrown hairs after getting a professional wax, lay off the treatment for awhile, or try to DIY with waxing products such as Nair.

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