The 5 Biggest, Most-Asked Beauty Questions, Answered

The 5 Biggest, Most-Asked Beauty Questions, Answered
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Whether you’ve been doing makeup for five days or 15 years, we bet you have some beauty questions. Because as your skin changes, and product formulations evolve, and your face turns from taut and smooth to, uh, somewhat less taut and smooth, your routine gets thrown through a loop, and questions arise.

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And if you ever feel alone in your cluelessness, just head over to Reddit, where there are about one-trillion pages of makeup questions from beauty-obsessed users, asking for the best primer for smoothing scars and wrinkles, or how exactly to put on fake lashes, or how to really, truly remove makeup, without destroying your skin. And though we know you have tons of time to read through every single question ever asked on the website, we decided to pluck out a few of the most-asked questions on Reddit, along with the most-reoccurring answers, so you can finally assuage your doubts. Keep reading to find out more, and go forth into the world, a new, woke person.

skin questions 12 The 5 Biggest, Most Asked Beauty Questions, Answered

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Q: “How do you layer all of your products on your face?”

A: “Moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, BB cream [or tinted moisturizer, or foundation], concealer, powder, highlighter, brows, eye primer, eye makeup, mascara, lips.” –Lumeleopard


Q: “How the hell do I wear false eyelashes?”

A: “Get a clear glue [and after applying the glue to the lash strip], wait like 30 seconds minimum, so the glue can get tacky (otherwise it won’t stick on ya face). Then, using tweezers, I hold [a strip of] lashes from the middle, and place the middle section [on my lash line] first, and then press down on the outer, part and then the inner. Getting in funky positions in the mirror so you can see where you’re placing it is totally OK. And, if you have hella long-ass falsies, always trim the inner corner—NOT the outer—and trim little by little as to not cut off too much. After [the lashes are] on your eyelid, wait a sec before doing any crazy eye movements. So no sneezing. Then, while the lashes are still SLIGHTLY moveable, I like to press my real lashes and falsies together to blend ‘em in a little better. I also put mascara on before falsies, and then cover up any glue marks near my preexisting eyeliner with more eyeliner so you can’t see the glue.” –Ryukiee


Q: “What’s the ultimate smoothing primer for acne scars and forehead wrinkles?”

A: “You should definitely try the Smashbox primers! I use a combo of the Photo Finish and the Pore Minimizing for my really troublesome areas. The Photo Finish really helps smooth the skin and keeps it from getting oily, and it REALLY holds onto your makeup. And the Pore Minimizing helps fills in your pores really well.” [Editor’s Note: There are obviously a billion great smoothing primers on the market, but Smashbox consistently rated highest on Reddit for recommendations.]


Q: “Does anyone have primer/foundation recommendations for really dry skin?”

A: “I have dry skin, and I have to say the Make Up For Ever Nourishing primer (not hydrating) is my HG. It literally helps my skin SO MUCH. It’s pricey, but it’s so worth it because of how awesome it makes my skin feel. If you are looking for something a little less expensive, try the First Aid Beauty Coconut Priming Moisturizer (doubles as a primer and moisturizer as the name implies). I also use Argan Oil as my moisturizer on a regular basis and it’s helped my skin TREMENDOUSLY. They have a small Josie Maran argan oil at Sephora that is like $12, and it will last you quite a while, because you only need about a drop or two. If you can snag it, it’s worth a shot! As for foundation, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea is my JAM. I love it and always make sure that I have a backup handy! The coverage is so nice and it’s awesome for dry skin! Makes my skin feel so nice.” –Caitirose93


Q: “How do you remove eye makeup? Especially with an alcohol sensitivity?”

A: “I used to use oil (tried mineral oil, then an oil cleanser) to remove my eye makeup, but it was really messy and sometimes it got in my eye. Micellar water easily takes it off; you just saturate a cotton pad (not ball) and gently press it to your eye for a few secs, then gently wipe and it gets the majority of makeup off in the first swipe.” –Keinesorge


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