A Look at Beyonce’s Beauty Evolution Over the Years

Danielle Pistono

Beyonce was recently spotted with a head full of micro braids. Upon seeing this, we were taken back to the days of Destiny’s Child and “Survivor” started playing on repeat in our heads. This also made us realize how far Bey has come in the past decade. She is now a solo artist, wife and mother. Her looks have changed over the years, but no matter what she does, she still looks amazing.

We took a look at Queen B’s highs and lows from the past. Even the world’s most beautiful woman has made a few beauty blunders to get where she is today. She has worn her hair in a wide variety of styles, from micro braids to big, voluminous curls.

Take a look through the slideshow to see how Beyonce transformed from a young performer to the world’s biggest star and most beautiful woman.