Beyoncé’s Exact Super Bowl Nail Look, Now Available to Mere Mortals

Rachel Krause

We don’t need to tell you how effing amazing Beyoncé was during last night’s Super Bowl halftime show—it’s abundantly clear to anyone with eyes/ears/cable that her performance of “Formation” upstaged all prior Super Bowl appearances, from Left Shark to Janet Jackson. (Well, maaaaaybe not Janet Jackson.)

Not only was the performance on point, but Bey’s beauty game was, too, and we’ve got the deets on how to get the exact manicure she sported for the show. Her longtime nail artist Lisa Logan used OPI Black Onyx ($10) to create a pitch black base, then applied a matte top coat over top. She finished it off with a single gold stud on each nail.

You obviously don’t need to be one of the biggest, most beloved pop stars in the world or a Super Bowl entertainer to wear the look, so get it yourself with Zoya MatteVelvet Top Coat ($10) or OPI Matte Top Coat ($10) and simple gold studs, which you can buy by the hundred here. Easy.

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