Beyoncé’s New Curly, Chin-Length Bob Is Everything

Beyoncé’s New Curly, Chin-Length Bob Is Everything
Photo: Getty Images

There’s no doubt that bobs were the “It” haircut of 2017. From Kylie Jenner to Sarah Jessica Parker to Nina Dobrev, it seems like every big name this year took shears to their mermaid-length hair and transformed it into cute chin- and shoulder-length bobs. With 2018 rapidly approaching, we’ve been anxiously waiting for which celebrity will debut the final bob-of-all-bobs of 2017. And now, we finally have our answer, which is, of course: Beyoncé.

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old singer took to her website to share several pictures of her flaunting her brand-new hair: a curly, honey-blonde bob that falls right below her chin. The pictures—which are from Beyoncé’s recent Christmas trip to Miami, Florida with her husband, Jay-Z, and her three kids, Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir—showcase the look in several settings.

She poses on a yacht, in an elevator with a security guard, at a concert. But no matter where she is, one thing is for sure: Beyoncé just put every celebrity bob of 2017 to shame.

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Here comes the disclaimer: With the frequency of celebrity hair fake-outs, we don’t know if Beyoncé’s bob is a wig or if she actually took several inches off her near-waist-length natural hair. Whether it’s real or not, we’re certain Beyoncé can slay any hairstyle. See the rest of the epic pictures, here.