Just 10 Beyoncé Makeup Moments I Think About More Than I Should

Just 10 Beyoncé Makeup Moments I Think About More Than I Should
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Beyoncé’s notoriously powerful presence somehow makes the BeyHive drop to its knees and give their beloved Queen the proper appraisal she deserves. I may be the only one trying to discover the cause of her haunting existence, but I’ve concluded that it’s all rooted in her iconic Beyoncé gaze. The effortless gaze that is the epitome of beauty and grace, and has the power to make a man fall in love with a singular smize. Maybe it’s all in her mastered staring technique, or maybe it’s just her next-level makeup looks.

Her glowing skin and signature features undoubtedly make a powerful statement even when make-up free. However, my bulging Instagram archive filled with some of her most crippling makeup moments says it’s all about the meticulous makeup art that makes the Beyoncé gaze the statement that it is. From soft details to strikingly bold looks that would make me say yes to selling my soul if she asked–these makeup moments are scary savage and show no mercy. Long live the queen.

Beyoncé’s most recent makeover is dark and bold, making her the epitome of savage as she attends the world premiere of The Lion King.

She keeps her look clean and classy while her fiery choice of tones keeps her badass persona intact.

Although it doesn’t seem like she’s done much with her makeup, she’s rocking shades that blend into her natural skin tones—creating a strong but subtle look.

That fiery smize and Bordeaux lipstick is a match made in makeup heaven.

Queen B’s angelic side comes out with this simple makeover. Her sparkling eye detail creates a soft glow while her dark lipstick makes it a powerful look.

Beyoncé, once again, goes for a natural look while she lets her dramatic eye art make a statement. The thick layer of black eyeliner outlining her under-eye makes her gaze seriously enticing.

She transforms this sparkly pink outfit from a preppy cheerleader vibe into a fearless expression of power with her bold shadows.

This daring look accomplishes a gentle vibe while keeping it badass—it’s clean, it’s simple, it’s mysterious, and it’s definitely going to haunt me in my dreams.

She’s a glowing vision of luxury with this Gatsby-inspired look. Her dark yet classic winged eyeliner is evening appropriate, but the pink tones on her face and lips lighten the mood.

Beyoncé pulls off a strong appearance with a clean face and subtle dark eye details—making her look totally intimidating.