Beyonce Does Bangs: Bey Debuts New Sleek Look

Rachel Adler

beyonce bangs Beyonce Does Bangs: Bey Debuts New Sleek Look

Beyonce and Jay-Z braved the post-Superstorm Sandy trek to Brooklyn for the opening game of the Brooklyn Nets this past weekend, where we were pleasantly surprised to see Bey with a brand new fringe. Her blonde hair was stick straight to highlight the brow-grazing bangs, with low-lights that added the perfect amount of accent to the new ‘do.

With the colder weather becoming ever more present across the country, the time to switch up our hair for the new season is pretty much upon us. If you were considering bangs before, Beyonce’s new style may be a great inspiration to bring to your hairdresser. Keep in mind though that Bey has an oval face shape, meaning she can rock basically any kind of fringe, but especially this blunt bang. Consult with your stylist before doing such an intense chop, or try on a faux bang to test out the style.

But of course, we want to know – what do you think of Beyonce’s new look?

Image via Getty/Elsa