Beyoncé Brought Back Her Iconic ‘Beyoncé Blond’ Look Last Night

Rachel Krause
beyonce blonde

Photo: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic/Getty Images

A couple years back, Beyoncé showed off a warm, multidimensional, caramel-blond hair color so instantly revered, it became known only as “Beyoncé blond.” Women everywhere flocked to their salons requesting the ombré look.

Never one to stick with any hairstyle for too long, Beyoncé rocked the color for only a hot minute—but she brought the look back last night for her performance at the ridiculously star-studded Tidal X: 1020 concert. Her bouncy blond side ponytail looked so good, we were almost distracted from how perfect her legendary butt looked in that bodysuit. Total ass goals.

Whether or not last night’s look kicks off the Bey blond trend once again remains to be seen, but it’s probably a safe bet that we weren’t the only ones who grabbed screenshots of photos from the show to bring with us next time we see our colorist. Those highlights are on point.

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